Garden TV Shows with the Best Makeovers

Our outdoor space at home is precious, and we can be stumped for ideas at times with how best to make the most of it.

Much like home renovation shows, garden makeovers have become a popular topic on television, captivating audiences with their creativity, inspiration, and stunning transformations.

The shows see talented designers, landscapers and those using the space work together to create wonderful outdoor spaces that are not only stylish and easy on the eye, but practical and functional.

But what inspiration can we take from these shows? Can anyone set out on the task of renovating their own green space? There are few things to bear in mind with garden makeovers, no matter who is undertaking the job.

Chris Martin, Commercial Director at SkipHire UK, said: “We all love our outdoor spaces, particularly in the summer months as we can host parties and barbecues with friends. When looking to renovate a garden, it is important to bear in mind a few things.

“The practicality of the design is of course important, but it is also important to consider the amount of waste including rubble that a garden makeover can cause.

“You should know that if you are looking at skip hire to remove this, to check out the regulations and any permits you may need in order to avoid any penalties.”


Love Your Garden

Hosted by renowned gardener and TV personality Alan Titchmarsh, Love Your Garden is a heartwarming show that aims to surprise deserving individuals with extraordinary garden transformations. Love Your Garden has demonstrated the possibility to really transform any space into a wonderful garden area that people would not have considered possible – or even thought of.

Using the outdoor spaces to really make a difference to the lives of the homeowners, Titchmarsh and his team also offer hints and tips for views to make note of throughout the show.

In addition, the show not only creates beautiful outdoor spaces but also incorporates personal touches and meaningful elements. From stylish gardens with disabled access, to tranquil spaces for those seeking solace, Love Your Garden demonstrates the power of gardens to improve the quality of life.

Grand Designs

Not typically just a garden show, Grand Designs has long been a staple of the Channel 4 schedule and has provided us with some of the wackiest, and wonderful, pieces of design ever seen on television.

As Kevin McCloud presides over projects that are mind, and often budget, blowing, some of the designs that have incorporated gardens into them continue to amaze viewers.

Very much a programme that sees people put their own stamp on the space, designs have incorporated many of a person’s interests. A golf course, for example was part of one episode, and has recently gone onto the market for just a short of a whopping £6 million.

Extravagant, we know, but what better way to unwind from the office than getting home and taking on a few holes on your very own pitch and putt!

Your Garden Made Perfect


Hosted by Angela Scanlon, Your Garden Made Perfect continues to be one of the UK’s most popular garden makeover shows. Not your typical garden show, the program takes those who are totally stuck with what to do with their outdoor space and use virtual reality to create solutions with some talented designers.

Rather than simply show viewers how to do the basics of gardening, the premise of Your Garden Made Perfect revolves around taking spaces that are undervalued and underappreciated and helps the owners get the most out of them.

It isn’t just big budgets that are on show here, the designers work with limited budgets to transform gardens into something stylish, aesthetically pleasing and places that will have a positive impact on the lives of those using them.

Viewers can take inspiration from the work that takes place on the show, with ideas on how to utilise their spaces better including thinking of the garden as an extension of the home, rather than something to use sparingly.

Ground Force

The absolute classic. Ground Force was broadcast on the BBC in the late 1990s, and saw Alan Titchmarsh, Tommy Walsh and Charlie Dimmock transform everyday gardens into something different.

Bringing elements of DIY often seen on Changing Rooms to the outdoor world, there would be no Handy Andy teapot disaster here, though the charity reboot in 2007 “Top Ground Gear Force” saw Jeremy Clarkson and pals run him pretty close.

Ground Force was a very popular show during its eight-year run, and several special episodes were broadcast, including a hometown memorial garden in Weston Super Mare for much-loved television presenter, Jill Dando.

The iconic theme tune, recorded by the Black Dyke Band introduced the show as the British public enjoyed the programme and the element of surprise, or shock, as the homeowner arrived back home to see the completed work.

Though it ended in 2005, Ground Force retains its place as one of Britain’s much-loved gardening shows.


Garden makeover TV shows have become a source of inspiration for millions of viewers worldwide. Showcasing the remarkable power of gardens to transform spaces, improve well-being, and bring people together.

From small urban retreats to large suburban landscapes, these shows demonstrate that with creativity, dedication, and a touch of expertise, any outdoor space can be transformed into a beautiful haven.

Whether you’re seeking ideas for a small courtyard or dreaming of a grand garden overhaul, these five TV shows provide a wealth of inspiration for your next outdoor project.



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