Here’s How to Use OCIE Method to Draft an Ideal Synthesis Essay

Do you agree with the fact that no matter how engaging the content is, until you do not find the justifications for it, you cannot trust it? Yes, you do! So, have you ever wondered why so? If not, no worries! The answer is that it is the human tendency to look for the supporting elements of something before trusting it fully. So, this is the motive of a synthesis essay. However, working on a synthesis essay might look daunting in the first place, but when you know the appropriate process, then it is the easiest of the others. But, there might be times when you think, “Who can write my essay for me?” so there are the experts to help you with the same. So, now the question might arise: what is a synthesis essay, right? Thus, this write-up will help you explore that as well. 

What Is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is one of the essay where you gather data from several sources and form a new idea. Besides this, synthesis in writing refers to collecting information from various sources and using them to justify the central theme. Furthermore, while working on this, you must discuss data, evidence and thoughts from a series of sources to explain or argue. Thus, there are two types of synthesis essays that are:

  • Argumentative Synthesis Essay

In this, you must state a point you are in favor of or agree with, and then justify it with several supporting elements. 

  • Explanatory Synthesis Essay

In this, you have to use various resources to explain some specific perspective, but you do not have to take any side. 

It is an overview of the synthesis essay that must have given you an idea about it. Moving ahead, explore the techniques to include synthesis in your writing.

What Is OICE Method & How to Use It?

OICS is one of the most effective methods of drafting a synthesis essay. It will work to ease constructing a write-up in the appropriate manner without putting in much effort. So, the method is explained in brief here:


Observing is the first thing you must begin with while working on a synthesis essay. It is so because, for this type of writing, you have to refer to various sources to gather the required information. To do this, you must read different sources of information to collect the basic idea of the theme you are working on. Moreover, in this step, you do not have to do anything; instead, you only have an overview of the source. 


Citing is another crucial point to consider while working on a synthesis essay. It is so because, without giving credit to the author of the original sources you are using, you might face severe consequences. It can make your content rejected due to plagiarism in it. Moreover, there are several styles in which you can cite the sources used, but you need to go with the one most appropriate or the one suggested by your professor. To ease the process, you can parallelly cite the sources you are referring to.


Interpreting includes constructing a sentence to interpret the resource and defining its relevance to your argument. It means you must explain how a particular source has affected your decision towards a specific point of view. This is done as citing the resource you are using will help you to define its significance to the topic you are working with. Moreover, this might be a tricky area for several students, but seeking essay help from professionals can reduce the hurdles on their way.


It is the last thing that you need to do, where you have to explain the connectivity of the different sources together. On the other hand, you also have to show its relevance to your central theme or the thesis statement. It is so because this will help you to prove a particular point or perspective strongly. Thus, this is one of the crucial steps in the procedure that will support any point more evidently.

It is OCIE method that you can use to build a synthesis essay without any hurdles. Now, let’s move ahead to explore the approach to use it and make the most of it. 

How to Draft a Synthesis Essay?

There are several ways through which you can construct this essay type, but in this section, you will explore the easiest yet the effective way of doing so. 

  • Choose an Interesting Theme

It is the first thing that if the topic is not interesting enough to work on, then you will procrastinate completing the task. Thus, you must look for a trending topic if you are not provided with one. 

  • Write an Engaging Hook

The hook is the first few sentences of the introductory paragraph, which works to gather the eyes of the one reading it. Thus, to create it, you must use quotes, questions or any other eye-catching element. 

  • Provide Appropriate Evidence

Providing effective supporting elements is necessary as without them; you cannot justify the point you have raised. To do this, you need to synthesise the information correctly in the first place. 

  • Conclude in a Brief Way

The conclusion paragraph is the most easy yet the trickiest one. It is so because, here you do should not include anything new and only restate the already existing information.

  • Cite the Sources Correctly

As already discussed, citation of the resources you have used is another necessary thing that you must not skip. To do this, you need to use an appropriate style and create a bibliography. 


It is an end to the guide that must have equipped you with one of the most effective methods of writing a synthesis essay. It is the OCIE method. Till now, you have got a brief insight into what this method is and how you can use it to construct your essay. Moreover, here, you also get an idea about what a synthesis essay is in the first place. However, even after adhering to the ultimate guide, you still face hurdles and think, “Who can write my essayfor me?” then you can hire an expert from the service-providing platforms.