In vitro fertilization

In vitro  fertilization (also called IVF) consists of reproducing in the laboratory what happens naturally in the tubes: fertilization and the first stages of embryo development.

Stimulation of the ovaries will allow the development of several follicles, each containing an egg. The puncture allows the collection of several mature eggs.

The collected eggs are placed in the presence of sperm outside the human body, in an embryology laboratory.

Two types of IVF exist:

  • Best IVF Center in Lahore simply consists of placing the collected eggs in the presence of the previously treated sperm sample, in a specific nutrient medium. Fertilization occurs according to the natural process but outside the body
  • IVF with ICSI (also called intracytoplasmic sperm injection) involves injecting a single sperm inside the egg. So the egg and sperm must undergo treatment beforehand.

If fertilization occurs, the first stages of embryo development (a few cell divisions) take place outside the human body and are monitored by the team of embryologists. Three to six days after fertilization, the embryo is placed back in the woman’s uterus, this is called embryo transfer. The embryo will be able to implantation.

The modalities of these particular treatments will be explained during the pre-IVF consultation.

What is the test tube baby process?

Stage 1 – Egg Stimulation: The patient receives fertility drugs to stimulate egg production. To increase the success rate of treatment, several eggs are needed. Usually, it is not recommended to rely on a single egg for which the doctor gives fertility medicine to increase egg production. Depending on the patient’s response, medication is advised. There are different protocols for egg stimulation. Egg stimulation is guided by transvaginal ultrasound to examine the ovaries, blood samples and to determine hormone levels.

Step 2 – Egg retrieval: Ultrasound imaging is used to retain ovarian follicles using a hollow needle. Egg retrieval is followed by minor surgery. The entire procedure takes about half an hour. Follicular fluids are carefully examined by the embryologist to trace evidence of available eggs. After the whole procedure, the eggs are kept in an incubator until insemination.

Step 3 – Fertilization and Embryo Culture: for insemination, a sample of male sperm is collected. The eggs are mixed with the sperm and stored in the laboratory. If there are chances of low probability of fertilization, ICSI may be considered. To enable fertilization, a single sperm is infused into the egg. Fertilized eggs are only considered embryos after confirmation by an embryologist.


Step 4 – Egg transfer and embryo quality: Embryo transfer is the quickest method of the overall treatment. The embryo is evaluated based on age and quality. The doctor is asked to keep the complete history of the patient from age to previous treatment, but the final decision is made by the patient himself. In a normal situation, the doctor suggests transferring only one embryo with one blastocyst, and the others are preserved. Transferring a high-quality embryo reduces the risk of triplets or twins. During the transfer, the doctor inserts Cather and pushes the predetermined embryos into the female uterus. This method is carried out under the guidance of ultrasound. The patient is advised to rest for 5-6 hours afterward. After this method,

Be aware of these issues before undergoing the test tube baby process (IVF treatment)

The test tube baby process drains you physically, financially, and emotionally. Additionally, there is no guarantee that it will be 100% successful. Some of the Best IVF Center in Pakistan, such as Best IVF Center in Lahore, have a high success rate, which will increase your chances of conceiving. Chances are it won’t work for you in the end.


The number of cycles required for the test tube baby procedure may vary from patient to patient. The success of test tube baby in lahore depends on many factors such as the degree of infertility, the age of the woman and the quality of the egg and sperm. Choosing the right fertility center is very important and fortunately, metropolitan cities in Pakistan, especially the Bangalore IVF center offers the best IVF and Test Tube Baby treatment with reasonable cost and advanced technology. Although there are women who cannot conceive even after undergoing several test tube baby cycles.