QuickBooks Missing PDF Component: Efficient Step-Wise Troubleshooting

QuickBooks Desktop has the most remarkable technical features as compared to any other contemporary accounting solution available across the different markets of the world. Intuit has stuffed this incredible software with a very advanced set of accounting tools & regular revision of these tools is also carried out.

One of the prominent capabilities of QB is that it allows users to save, print, and email various documents in the ‘Portable Document Format (PDF)’. However, users can also encounter various error messages such as ‘QuickBooks Missing PDF Component’ when they try to save or print PDF files on their computers.

In this blog, you shall effortlessly read the correct troubleshooting techniques that need to be deployed to tackle this issue.

If you want instant help to swiftly eliminate the ‘QuickBooks Missing PDF Component’ error message, you need to dial +1-855-738-2784 to contact our QB Specialists Team.

QB Desktop Missing PDF Component Error Message: What Are the Likely Causes?

The most likely reasons behind the sudden occurrence of ‘QB Desktop Missing PDF Component Error Message’ are detailed here:

  1. Any technical fault discovered inside the ‘Adobe Reader’ application shall instigate this issue.
  2. If the user doesn’t possess the required access rights to the ‘TEMP’ folder, this problem will manifest.

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Verified Techniques to Eliminate ‘PDF Component Not Detected Error in QuickBooks’

 You can tackle the ‘PDF Component Not Detected Error in QuickBooks’ through the techniques discussed here:

Technique 1: Easily access & execute the ‘QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool’ to resolve this issue

  1. Here, the first crucial point is to effectively launch the web browser window to access the official website of Intuit so that you can eventually locate the verified link associated with ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’.
  2. Now, you should tap the link that has been associated with ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’ so that you can successfully download ‘QB Tool Hub’ on your computer.
  3. After that, the instantly downloaded file (‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’) should be put inside the ‘Documents’ folder & you will run the same file to ensure the flawless installation of ‘QB Tool Hub’.
  4. Next, effortlessly open the ‘QB Tool Hub’ window to easily choose the ‘Program Problems’ menu & you shall carefully run the ‘QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool’.
  5. All the glitches linked with the PDF component will be instantly resolved & you will later succeed in saving & printing PDF files through your QB Desktop application.

Technique 2: Acquire the seamless access rights to the ‘TEMP’ folder to resolve this technical problem

  1. You will first obtain the ‘Run’ window by instantly pressing the ‘Windows + R’ keys on the keyboard, following which you can acquire the ‘TEMP’ folder by executing the ‘%TEMP%’ command via the same window.
  2. After moving within the ‘TEMP’ folder window, you will right-click the screen to effectively choose the ‘Properties’ tab so that you can later shift to the ‘Security’ tab included in the ‘Properties’ window.
  3. By checking the ‘Full Control’ box across all the usernames, you can ensure that you have full access rights to this folder, and you shall be able to print & save PDF files very easily via the QB window.

Both step-wise techniques that you have read above are entirely sufficient to tackle the ‘QuickBooks Missing PDF Component’ error message. If you still need more assistance, you need to dial +1-855-738-2784 to contact our QB Experts Team.

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QuickBooks Missing PDF Component: Efficient Step-Wise Troubleshooting
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