Reasons why KTM became a popular motorcycle brand in India

KTM is an Austrian motorcycle brand that has been making motorcycles since 1934. The brand has a global reputation for making track-only and track-ready motorcycles. 

KTM entered India back in 2012 with the help of Bajaj. The first bike from the brand was the KTM Duke 200. The primary reason why KTM became a hit brand in India is as follows.

KTM decided to localize its bike line-up for India. This is the reason why, every KTM bike available in India entails appeal factors that gel with Indian buyer preferences. Other reasons that allowed KTM to taste success in no time in India are mentioned below.

  • KTM engines entail rev-happy nature.
  • Every KTM bike available in India comes with single-cylinder, fuel-injected engines. This aspect makes KTM bikes easy to maintain and fuel efficient. 
  • KTM bikes entail an otherworldly design language, menacing road presence and awe-inspiring styling elements.
  • KTM bikes come equipped with aerodynamic inserts from the factory. These aerodynamic inserts keep KTM bikes planted on the tarmac irrespective of weather and road conditions.
  • Every KTM bike is built around a Trellis frame. The Trellis frames on KTM bikes make them agile, lightweight and sturdy. 
  • KTM bikes in India are equipped with racing-tuned and track-tested transmission systems.
  • Every KTM bike is equipped with WP APEX Suspensions.
  • Premium KTM bikes like the KTM RC 390 are equipped with ByBre (By Brembo) brake callipers.
  • Premium KTM bikes such as the KTM Duke 390 and KTM Adventure 390 are equipped with slipper clutch systems. 
  • All KTM bikes except the KTM Duke 125 are offered with dual-channel ABS.

For more details, please visit a KTM dealership.

In Conclusion 

KTM’s popularity in India can be attributed to its focus on performance, strategic partnership with Bajaj Auto, diverse product portfolio, technological innovation, competitive pricing, appeal to the youth, racing legacy, strong network, and community-building efforts. As the Indian motorcycle market continues to evolve, KTM’s commitment to delivering exhilarating and high-performance bikes positions it well for sustained success in the country.

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