What is the telephone number of Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines is a renowned airline known for its excellent customer service and connectivity to various destinations. To make your experience smoother, we’ve compiled this guide to help you find the telephone number you need.

What is the telephone number of Copa Airlines?

If you need to contact Copa Airlines for any reason, the main telephone number 1-860-321-4022 & 1-800-FLY-COPA (1-800-359-2672). This number is available for general inquiries, reservations, and customer support.

Copa Airlines

For our Spanish-speaking passengers in Mexico, you can reach Copa airlines telefono mexico at 1-860-321-4022 & 1-800-359-2672. This is the same number as the main contact for Copa Airlines but serves passengers in Mexico, ensuring you receive assistance in Spanish.

How to Reach Copa Airlines

To contact Copa Airlines, follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial the Number: Depending on your location, call either the main number or the one for passengers in Mexico.
  2. Choose Your Preferred Language: Copa Airlines provides customer support in both English and Spanish.
  3. Select the Appropriate Option: Listen to the menu options and select the one that best fits your inquiry.
  4. Speak with a Representative: You’ll be connected to a customer service agent who can assist you further.

Now that you know how to contact Copa Airlines, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to provide you with even more information.

Booking Your Copa Airlines Flight

How can I book a flight with Copa Airlines?

Booking a flight with Copa Airlines is a straightforward process. You have a few options to choose from, depending on your preference.

  1. Online Booking: The most convenient way to book your flight is through Copa Airlines’ official website. Simply visit their site, enter your travel details, select your flight, and complete the payment process. You’ll receive a confirmation email with your e-ticket.

  2. Telephone Booking: If you prefer a more personal touch, you can call the provided telephone number, and a friendly Copa Airlines representative will assist you in booking your flight. This is a great option if you have specific requirements or need assistance.

  3. Visit a Copa Airlines Office: For an in-person experience, you can visit a Copa Airlines office or authorized travel agency. They will guide you through the booking process, ensuring all your travel needs are met.

Do I need a Copa Airlines account to book online?

You don’t necessarily need an account to book a flight online, but creating one can have its advantages. Having an account allows you to save your personal and payment information, making future bookings faster and more convenient. You can also manage your reservations, view your travel history, and access exclusive offers as a registered member.

Can I book a one-way or round-trip flight with Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines offers the flexibility to book both one-way and round-trip flights. Choose the option that suits your travel plans best. If you’re unsure about your return date, you can book a one-way ticket and later purchase a return ticket when your plans are more concrete.

What payment methods does Copa Airlines accept?

Copa Airlines accepts various payment methods to make booking a flight convenient for all passengers. You can use major credit and debit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club. Additionally, Copa Airlines accepts PayPal for online bookings. Ensure that your payment method is valid and has sufficient funds for a smooth transaction.

Can I make changes to my flight after booking?

Yes, Copa Airlines provides flexibility for making changes to your flight. If your plans change, you can modify your reservation through their website, call the customer service number, or visit a Copa Airlines office. Keep in mind that changes may be subject to fees, so it’s advisable to review Copa Airlines’ change policy before making any adjustments to your booking.

Booking a flight with Copa Airlines is a seamless process that caters to your preferences. Whether you choose to book online, via telephone, or in person, you can expect excellent customer service and a smooth booking experience.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve answered the key questions about how to contact Copa Airlines, including the specific number for passengers in Mexico. Whether you need assistance with reservations, inquiries, or emergency situations, Copa Airlines’ customer service is there to help you 24/7.

So, next time you’re traveling or planning a trip with Copa Airlines, you can rest assured that you have all the information you need to reach out to them. Enjoy your journey with Copa Airlines, and have a safe and pleasant travel experience!


What are Copa Airlines’ customer service hours?

Copa Airlines’ customer service is available 24/7, ensuring you can reach them at any time, day or night.

Can I book a flight through the telephone?

Yes, you can book a flight with Copa Airlines over the phone by calling the provided telephone number.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

If you need to change or cancel your reservation, you can do so through the same telephone number. Speak with a customer service agent for assistance.

Is there a Spanish-speaking customer service option?

Absolutely! Copa Airlines offers Spanish-speaking customer service to assist passengers more comfortably, particularly in Mexico.

Can I request special assistance through the telephone?

Yes, Copa Airlines provides support for passengers with special needs or requests. Inform the customer service agent of your requirements when you call.

What should I do in case of an emergency during my trip?

Copa Airlines’ customer service is equipped to assist in emergencies. Call the same number for immediate assistance.