How to go live on YouTube without 1000 subscribers?

Youtube is the world’s most used social media platform for creating content, making long and short videos, earning a good amount of money, seeking answers, gaining knowledge in food, travelling, learning any new skill, giving a tutorial, and many more. It provides a variety of content from food to education to adventure and tourism to music, movies, latest and upcoming videos, and more; this platform serves so much access to a variety of content. It is one of the most engaging platforms for showcasing and learning.


You can also earn money on YouTube by uploading videos on time, sharing content, and having a good amount of views and audience. By consistently doing all this, one can generate revenue based on the number of views and likes you get. The more content you upload and get viewed by people, the more you earn. A big part of the youtube community provides the benefit of streaming live on your channel. People worldwide participate in virtual events, fests, and even classes every day. Youtube live streaming is on different platforms like education classes, online dancing, food vlogging, meetings or press conferences, live news channels and sports score, hosting charity programs, and many more in every field related to this world and helps the youtubers or creators to interact with each other and have a conversation in real-time to learn, discuss and to build new social communities. 


As the youtube community provides the advantage of live streaming for interaction with viewers and creators, and anyone could join it at the same time, it ensures that the community provides you with safe and healthy streaming with the help of a live chat moderation tool, which includes blocked lists, reviewing inappropriate messages, turning off live chat so that the youtuber, as well as the creator, will have a safe space to stream.

So there are two things, if you have a mobile and want a live stream from your device, you need to have 1000 subscribers at least in your channel. If you have a minimum of 100 subscribers and still want to go live, you can go to a live stream through the desktop. Now you can go live either from a laptop or mobile with a maximum of 12 subscribers, but you must have at least 100 subscribers on your device to live stream on a desktop.


With people or influencers taking advantage of the YouTube community, having restrictions requires content creators to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers, but you still need to get a thousand subscribers; you can stream live content on YouTube.


In this article, we’ll be covering steps on how to go live on YouTube using phones without having 1000 subscribers


Youtubers from all over the world go live stream multiple times a day through phones if they are travelling or through desktop if they are streaming any game or anything related to academics same as viewers from all over the world join the live stream for multiple things which altogether forms the youtube community more strong.

  1. Multiple applications allow you to stream on Facebook and YouTube, of which the most streamed application is through mobile apps and is the most rated. 
  2. Now log in to your YouTube channel and open your account. 
  3. Now you have to check the box next to the multiple channels that have been mentioned there.
  4. From the bottom, click on the icon where go-live is written, and it will ask you about which platform you would like to log in from so that it can enable live streaming.
  5. Now the share icon will copy the link to share/stream in your social media, and you are ready for a live stream.


As we know that to live stream from the mobile application, we should have a minimum of 1000 subscribers; otherwise, you won’t be able to live stream, but there is one solution for this restriction is that you can go for one live stream, which means a live streaming platform that allows individual to live stream pre-recorded videos and then go to real-time live screen from any social media platforms.

So these are some ways in which you could go live stream for different aspects, be it education, fashion, movies, music, dance, tourism, food vlogs, and youtubers who presents themselves in different arena of talent with having a good following of viewers and also attending various kinds of fests, cultural themes, educational videos, and gaming. It is best to start a live stream, and viewers can enjoy what you have for them, but the eligibility criteria set for you are you must have 1000 subscribers.

*Note – other controls like filters, chats, and mobile chat options will be visible at the bottom of your screen, which will help the live stream go smoothly and provide a good experience for youtuber and viewers.

How to go live on YouTube without 1000 subscribers?
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