Hydrogen Value Chain

Hydrogen is a key energy carrier in the envisaged Hydrogen Future. Future energy systems will find hydrogen to be a beneficial component due to its many advantages. It is a flexible, clean energy source.

What are the Opportunities for Green Hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is hydrogen produced using renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power, through a process called electrolysis. It has gained significant attention as a clean and sustainable energy carrier with numerous opportunities across various sectors.

Is Hydrogen the Future or Electric?

Both hydrogen and electricity have significant roles to play in the future of energy and transportation, depending on the particular application and context. However, this is a complicated and dynamic subject.

Comparison of Green Hydrogen and Low-Carbon Technologie

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage technologies have emerged as an important weapon in the global fight against climate change. CCUS refers to a set of strategies that capture and store carbon dioxide emissions from industrial operations or power generation, keeping them from being released into the atmosphere.

Hydrogen Market Penetration

Hydrogen market penetration refers to the extent to which hydrogen is adopted and used as an energy source or feedstock in various industries and applications. Hydrogen has gained significant attention as a potential clean energy carrier and has the potential to play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in sectors that are challenging to decarbonize, such as transportation and heavy industry. The choice of whether to enter new markets directly or through partners is contingent upon several industry-specific considerations in the hydrogen sector.

Green Hydrogen Deployment Policy Frameworks

Accelerating the production and use of green hydrogen—hydrogen produced by electrolysis and using renewable energy sources—requires the development of legislative frameworks for its deployment. Governments and international organizations create these frameworks to offer direction and inducement to businesses and investors to fund and advance green hydrogen technology.

Hydrogen Storage Solutions

Application required energy density, safety requirements, and cost all influence the selection of hydrogen storage options. A key element of the hydrogen economy is hydrogen storage. Hydrogen must always be stored at high pressure and low temperature. It is also a solid material due to its low density and high flammability.

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