Viable methods to counter QuickBooks Error 15271

A large number of small & medium businesses across the world use the QuickBooks payroll for employee data management and their punctual payroll. However, issues like QuickBooks Error 15271 can interrupt them from updating the payroll service. If your QB also fails to download the latest tax table due to this error, continue reading this blog to understand why this error emerges and the adequate methods to rectify it.

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Why you cannot update your payroll after this error strikes?

You’ll face a QuickBooks error code 15271 message on the screen right when the payroll updates begin or when you start installing it after the download. The possible reasons this error becomes a problem during the payroll update are mentioned below-

  • Your system’s User Account Control settings aren’t properly configured, due to which the update package fails to install.
  • Your QBDT isn’t activated/registered after you installed its updates recently.
  • QuickBooks processes are blocked by antiviruses, which leads to malfunction in the software.

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Effective ways to remove this payroll error

You need to remove QuickBooks Desktop update error 15271 to prevent your payroll updates from getting interrupted. The recommended ways to do it are mentioned below-

Solution 1- Prevent Update package installation from getting blocked by fixing the UAC settings

User Account Control or UAC settings are employed in Windows to save your system configuration from getting affected by installation and update of the PC applications. You may have seen a dialogue box asking, ‘Do you want to allow this program to make changes on your computer?’ while opening or installing a PC application. In case these settings aren’t properly configured, they can completely stop you from installing the QB update. You should set them correctly, as shown in the following steps-

  1. Go to your control panel and select the Accounts option in its menu.
  2. Single-click the Change User Account Control Settings option.
  3. You can now configure the UAC settings by dragging the slider beside Never Notify to turn them off.
  4. Open your QB and begin the payroll updates.
  5. Once the payroll update is completely installed on your computer, go to the UAC settings window again and move the slider back to Always Notify to turn on the settings.

If the payroll update is still affected by the error, move to the next solution.

Solution 2- Update payroll after registering your QuickBooks

You can also face error 15271 updating QuickBooks or performing payroll functions if the software isn’t activated or registered. This can happen if you recently installed the software updates on your PC. Here’s a way to activate your QuickBooks Desktop-

  1. Open your QuickBooks and access its Help menu.
  2. Single-click the Activate QuickBooks Desktop option in the list and enter all the info asked by the software to begin the activation.
  3. Wait until the status beside the license number turns from Cancelled to Activated in the product information window (F2).


After reading this blog, you’ll know why QuickBooks Error 15271 becomes a barrier while updating the payroll and the methods you can use to get rid of it. We hope the blog is informative and helps you update the payroll service on your QBDT without problems.

Talk to our QB support team at 1.855.738.2784 if you run into problems while using the methods.

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